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We have 2 new boards in progress…

We’re currently developing 2 new boards A usb board for test purposes, our engineers have recognised that at every company we’ve visited we’ve had a requirement to simulate analog and digital data inputs of various types so we’re creating the Anyboard 1, with 10 x 64 level digipots, a usart, an spi and an I2C, […]

Microcontroller memory layout

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me about memory layouts in microcontrollers as well as a few issues over the years with bad linker files (files that tell compiler/linkers where to put memory), so, I thought it might be worth a little blog article; This is aimed at those getting started and junior engineers (answering the questions they asked me recently).

(If you’re a linux/ windows programmer this post probably won’t be of use or interest to you).