We have 2 new boards in progress…

We’re currently developing 2 new boards

  1. A usb board for test purposes, our engineers have recognised that at every company we’ve visited we’ve had a requirement to simulate analog and digital data inputs of various types so we’re creating the Anyboard 1, with 10 x 64 level digipots, a usart, an spi and an I2C, and 10 3v3 gpio, when the project is complete there will also be a set of windows gcc c and microsoft c# drivers to use this (The new Anyboard 1 boards are going into prototype runs and software development is in progress!), we see this as the first of a number of development and test support tools.
  2. A high end IOT board with analog, digital inputs and outputs, many different type of configurable comms, logging, highly configurable with many other features is currently under development, it will be suitable for industrial, commercial and home use, and suitable for remote placement, more on this soon!

Anyboard 1 latest render: